Charming Hostess
Dali Tzerni

Vaccination VAC 016

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Charming Hostess: Jewlia Eisenberg - vocals, musical director / Carla Kihlstedt - vocals, violin / Nina Rolle - vocals / Nils Frykdahl - guitar, flute, saxophone, percussion / Dan Rathbun - bass, stand-up cello / Wesley Anderson - drums

CHARMING HOSTESS draws from a variety of unruly sources. Imagine a hoedown in Morrocco, where a gospel-influenced Bulgarian women's chorus wails away and a klezmer band heavily rocks out in accompaniment. Under the musical direction of JEWLIA EISENBERG, juxtaposed styles jump and shout both in original tunes and in arrangements of obscure traditional songs.

CHARMING HOSTESS began four years ago as a fortunate collision of an a capella women's trio and three-fourths of the Oakland avant-core band Idiot Flesh. The eerie and intricate harmonies of the three singers combined with adventurous and precise rock instrumentation (plus cello, saxophone, and didgeridoo) create an

unexpected and unique sound. A fiddler whose true loves are jazz and bluegrass completes the ensemble. The blend of bold lyrics, etherial harmonies, and complex rhythms result in a broth of rock, gospel, and Jewish/Eastern European traditional music.

CHARMING HOSTESS has a single on Vaccination Records, and a brand new full length CD, EAT! on Vaccination. Charming Hostess also appears on Eyesore, A Stab at the Residents; Komotion International Sound Magazine #7 with Charlie Hunter and Barbara Manning; and on Lip, The C.D. with the Big Mouth with Exene Cervenca and Anne Magnuson (also available through Vaccination).