Fiamma Fumana

A group of young Italians on a quest to rediscover their own roots music.

Fiamma Fumana began as a studio project in 1999 — a tribute to the female vocal tradition of Northern Italy (like the choirs of mondine, the rice gatherers who were all young girls) revitalized by a new generation and electronic dance music culture. The result is an intriguing blend of old Italian dance tunes played to new Italian dance grooves, traditional ballads and state-of-the art electronica.  To these young urbanite Europeans, electronic beats make a natural bedrock for re-interpreting the songs of previous generations. Female vocals connect past to future with unforgettable pathos.  One other key ingredient, a rare regional bagpipe called the piva Emiliana, adds an unexpected Celtic-sounding flavor to the mix. The result is clearly Italian yet broadly international in its appeal.

The band members themselves are an interesting mix. Alberto Cottica, veteran of the acclaimed Modena City Ramblers, hails from Emilia Romagna and plays accordion, guitar and piano. Tuscan Jessica Lombardi is a Celtic music devotee who plays flutes and whistles as well as the bagpipes. Also from Tuscany, lead vocalist Lisa Kant brings a background in electronic music and fashion design to the band. Medhin Paolos is the group’s DJ, an Eritrean-Italian who keeps the loops and samples flowing. These dynamic contrasts are well-expressed in the band’s name which translates as flame and fog, opposing elements of fiery emotion and ageless cool.

  • “…one of the most successful acts at blending traditional/ethnic sounds with 21st century music technology.” — Sing Out!
  • “Assured and accomplished, Fiamma Fumana cross genres and geography in a single bound.” — Chris Nickson,
  • “Fiamma Fumana keeps its age-old soul rather modern.” – Marty Lipp, Global Rhythm

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Showing all 3 results