John C. Van Orman – Flight To The Moon

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Release date July 8, 2022 on all digital platforms. Limited-edition CD package available soon.

“John Van Orman…an award winner, folk center director, hurdy-gurdy player, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, instrument builder and world traveler, the man is a fabulous treasure-trove of all thing folk-music oriented and a gifted performer as well… This is a wonderful thing, folks…go enjoy” -Tom Irwin, The Illinois Times

Nine many-layered original songs from this acclaimed Upper Midwest artist, released in a bespoke limited edition package. Best-known for his compositions “Western Borders” and “Madman Mora Blues,” John C. Van Orman’s substantial knowledge of widespread music traditions is apparent here.

  • “He is Waiting,” an unsettling narrative about sexual repression and religious mania sung over a gourd banjo, resonating with timbres and textures from the Southern Mountains.
  • Melancholic and haunting, “Crow Flew” sounds like an old field recording from the Balkans, complete with hurdy-gurdy, tambura and jaw harps.
  • “The Devil up North” paints a pagan Scandinavian hellscape that will speak to everyone who has ever felt brutalized by severe winter weather.

Flight to the Moon is released in a singular book-style package, featuring complete lyrics, and published in a signed, numbered and limited first edition package designed and manufactured by Smart Set in Minneapolis.

The “Crow Flew” video will be released to the public on July 8th, and the artist has upcoming concerts in the Midwest.

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A limited number of CD copies will be serviced to media upon request.