There must have been easier ways… right through the ’80s and, indeed, the ’90s, you’d have achieved more indie rock scene credibility as a Tibetan monk playing polo than you would have by declaring a passing interest in anything remotely associated with… ahem… fo*k music.

Oysterband, have had little choice in the matter. They are influenced by all manner of music, culture and style. Listening to anything and everything. But running through the entire soul of the band is a heartbeat rooted deeply in the traditional music of Britain. A tradition built on integrity, passion, and human emotion.

Hey, that could be folk music, it could be rock music… maybe it’s just GOOD music. Whatever, it has helped the Oysters become one of the most irresistible bands of the last decade.

Here I Stand has triggered yet more demonic bursts of energy from the band; subtly seductive melodies and millennium tension lyrics. There’s also a long line of famed guest artists lining up to take their place alongside the lovable croptops… Chumbawamba, Great Big Sea, Steáfán Hannigan, Rowan Godel, Yulia Kuszta, Gino Lupari, Wild Slim Mustapha. An album of our times for all times.

“In my time we’ve drunk away a century / in my time we’ve tried to walk it honestly,” sings John Jones on “I Know It’s Mine” (track 8). Who’s buying the first round for the 21st century, then?


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