Boiled In Lead

Rock’n’reel… Punk-folk… Country music from many countries…
BiL play violin, guitars, bass & drums with loads of power and emotion.

Boiled In Lead is:

  • Todd Menton vocals, guitar, mandolin, bodhrán, whistle
  • Drew Miller bass guitar, dulcimer
  • Morris Engel drum kit
  • Haley Olson violin, vocals

Boiled In Lead is the longest-running Celtic punk band in America, and an important part of the foundation of what became Minnesota punk rock. Bob Mould was among those who praised the band’s first self-released LP (“Even the fiddles rock,”) and the Hüskers invited the band to play an early show at Goofy’s Upper Deck. Today, the band’s star is still on the wall at First Avenue.

While in high school, bass player and founder Drew Miller became obsessed with traditional folk. He started the band in 1983 to turn the volume up and bring those tunes and songs to new audiences. Following their first LP, he met guitarist / vocalist Todd Menton at an Irish session. With distribution from Twin\Tone, the band was soon playing the First Avenue Mainroom, the Winnipeg Folk Festival; that led to a UK record deal and tours in Europe and around the country. The group and the individual musicians have won many Minnesota Music Awards, and toured throughout the US and in Europe.

Over the years, the band’s sound has changed with its membership. Violinist David Stenshoel, who passed away in 2021, pushed the band to expand beyond Ireland to tackle many world folk music traditions. Menton says: “…when we play… the very coolest thing is the tune itself. The original tradition is the power.”

Now, core members Todd Menton and Drew Miller add drummer Mo Engel and violinist Haley Olson to the lineup, moving forward with a wealthy of new material, as well as looking backward to reframe old tunes.

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