Garmarna have a unique sound: firmly based in Swedish traditional music but influenced by the rock tradition they’ve all grown up with. They ignore the unwritten laws of how traditional music should be performed; they know no boundaries. The music is half new – and newly-written – and half traditional with ancient instrumentation next to sampled drum-loops, suggestive mouth harps, tender violins and distorted guitars.

Garmarna are:

  • Stefan Brisland-Ferner – violins, viola, hurdy-gurdy, programming, guitar
  • Emma Härdelin – lead vocals
  • Jens Höglin – drums and percussion
  • Gotte Ringqvist – luteguitar, guitar, violin
  • Rickard Westman – guitar, e-bow, bass


  • “…an unforgettable listening experience.” –Billboard (May 1, 1999)
  • “Once you’ve lifted your jaw off the floor at the way ancient and modern fit seamlessly together, you’ll find yourself completely hypnotized. Music for the millennium – any millennium.” – Wired (July 1999)

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Showing all 2 results