3 Mustaphas 3

No one seems to know what to make of these 3 Mustaphas 3. There certainly is no shortage of mystery or humor in 3 Mustaphas 3’s eclectic mix of global music. The band themselves do little to stop the confusion that surrounds the Mustaphan legend. Perhaps it’s just as well, then, that the Mustaphas tend to keep their own homeland a secret. They don’t want their beloved haunting grounds overrun by rabid world music critics. So, with their country of origin shrouded in anonymity, the Mustaphas can boldly go where no one band has gone before.

“Forwards in all Directions” – At home and abroad with the Disco Partizani
Dateline 199?. It is now almost too many years since the legendary MUSTAPHA family (shared birthday Aug 6th.) of SZEGERELY sent its finest sprigs into the bizarre cultural hell of EEC. BAM! From the Balkans to your Hearts! – Much talk of fridges import-export (sometimes without licence), and SZEGERELY where is it, MUSTAPHA who are they ? and Headgears!? But what is life without mystery? – Basing themselves for tax disadvantages in UK (tiny offshore island at side of EEC continent), the 3 MUSTAPHAS 3 run around with their music-without-frontiers. Their domestic day-and-night club experience in CRAZY LOQUAT troquero-stop of SZEGERELY New Town, together with the steely will power impulse of eagle Uncle Patrel has helped them forge new dimension in international music, crossing borders with skill inherited from smuggler and guide ancestors (and uncle).

We Play Local Music. From lucky coincidence based on chance attendance at National Refrigeration Conference 1982, contact was made with theGlobeStyle Records. GlobeStyle is now leading World Music record label. So in this time until present, many recordings have been released for said illustrious house.

‘BAM! MUSTAPHAS PLAY STEREO’ Debut EEC waxing was in beautiful old swimming pool (now demolished) in digital stereo. And so progressing via release of ‘LOCAL MUSIC’ -the 15 heads of MUSTAPHA big band first heard on praiseworthy championo Disc-Jackey John Peel, (Big Band and smashed-down Swimming Pool later gloriously re-released on compact digital; yes, songs can be re-issued but they never rebuilt the building. Fools! But the reverb lingers on) the  the 3M3 are putting out single 45rpms, some large some small all popular , and then hitting the 1988 with the LP known as ‘SHOPPING‘.

They take it to the fridge with DJ Trouble Fezz. Vinyl! 1989 and and a journey home to the future with release on all formats of ‘HEART OF UNCLE‘. They ask about our fridge. So, therefore, comes next disc ‘SOUP OF THE CENTURY‘! Think global,Think big! not just ‘Soup of the Day’ Think collective! = live sound of the studio, all play together for correct feeling.

Tours, visits, travels, visas, a taxi for my uncle. The everyday life of 3 MUSTAPHAS 3. So many family members. The original 4 boys of the 1st SZEGERELY airlift are combining and recombining with later family members, paramembers , cousins and uncle like the life in a rich protein stew.  OUSSACK, ISFA’ANI and Uncle PATREL. and EXPENSIVE (golden trumpet). Ask for MUSTAPHA and you are getting MUSTAPHA. Some family tree of this forest is logged in ‘FRIENDS FIENDS & FRONDS‘ release – sort of pocket history of 3M3ology.




    • Ace Records, home of other 3 Mustaphas 3 albums (and the very fine Globestyle label)



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