Tiger Moth

Starting in 1983, when they began by tearing the “national anthem” of English  country dance music to shreds, Tiger Moth ruffled the feathers of folk purists and caused dancers to crash through the traditional steps with yomping delight.

Instead  of conventional folk-rock arrangements, Tiger Moth completely dismantled them in an orgy of dance tunes that introduced elements of reggae, blues, rock’n’roll, jazz, world music…and all manner of strange things besides, with melodeon and hammered dulcimer sitting comfortably next to slide guitar, power chords and some  uninhibited drumming. Consider the idea of an Italian tune played as a Tex-Mex polka with a Zairean lilt or a schottische full of Greek riffs, and you’ll get the gist of the Tiger Moth sound.

Tiger Moth included in its ranks a number of leading lights in the UK world/roots scene, including melodeon mastermind Rod Stradling, slide guitaristIan Anderson (ex-English Country Blues Band),Jon Moore (later of Edward II), and bassist Maggie Holland.

Mothballs also includes contributions from special guests Hijaz Mustapha (3 Mustaphas 3) andDembo Konte & Kausu Kuyateh.


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