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Sabah Habas Mustapha – So La Li


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So La Li ! The Muse ! Today !

All Stars is right: Sabah Habas Mustapha and Bandung’s finest, now together in a fresh interpretation of West Javanese roots, bringing you rippling kacapi, soaring suling, wiggling biola, croak-chuckling senggak and the honey dripping voice of Tati Ani Mogiono in a beautifonky Jaipong party seared with moments of the old wistful Sunda melancholy they call “Sakit Hati.” So La Li is the key.

Eleven new tracks recorded on location in Bandung — capital city of the province of Sunda in West Java, Indonesia — featuring traditional Sundanese songs in surprising local & international settings and foot-tapping instrumentals with excitement – increasing ensemble playing.

The Jugala All Stars are:

  • Tati Ani Mogiono vocals
  • Asep Maung: suling, sunda-rap
  • Sabah Habas Mustapha vocals, bass guitar, guitar
  • Ismet Ruchimat kacapi
  • Agus Supriawan khendang, senggak (percussion)
  • Yadi Piteuk violin
    With special guests
  • Hijaz Mustapha lap-steel guitar
  • Thomas Gerhke drums
  • Ricky F.M. keyboards
  • Jener khendang, senggak