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The Ukrainians – Diaspora


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The Ukrainians have created a unique musical mixture of Eastern traditional with Western pop that blows your trousers off (NME). After a long absence, they return at full power with this new album.

Diaspora (Greek: dissipation) is about migration: the heartbreak of leaving family and homeland forever coupled with the excitement of starting a new life. The songs have a strong resonance at a time when tens of thousands of young Ukrainians, Poles and other eastern Europeans have been flocking to the West in the hope of finding something better. And to use imagery from the songs, will they disperse successfully like seeds, or will they scatter like leaves in a field?

To prove the point, The Ukrainians have taken a classical piece, Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5 and made it into a great single in the vein of B Bumble and The Stingers Tchaikovsky-inspired Nut Rocker. The genius of The Ukrainians, of course lies in the fact that this track doesn’t sound ven remotely out of place on the album.

Some of the band members have Ukrainian parents or eastern European ancestry and continue to feel a connection to the land of their ancestors. However, the themes of The Ukrainians songs travel across geographical, political and chronological boundaries. As well as being specifically Ukrainian, the bands music is universal.

Listen to Diaspora and surrender to the beautiful melodies and the poetry of the language. Experience the excitement, the emotive power that is The Ukrainians!