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Modern music from the Balkans: a benefit CD for Doctors Without Borders

This is an exploration of Balkan music today. From Finland to Detroit, the old tunes have resurfaced as rock, techno, thrash, and everything in between. You’ll also hear new music inspired by these rich traditions, and by the stories of refugees.

Although the bombs have stopped falling, the task of reconstructing people’s lives in Kosovo and the former Yugoslavia begins NOW. Winter’s coming soon, and most of the medical clinics in the area have been badly damaged by the fighting.

To help meet these needs, Omnium has put together a special benefit CD showcasing the music of the Balkan region played by bands from the USA and Europe. All the artists & labels have donated their music for this release, which includes liner notes from NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu:

“Here is the unmistakable sound of the Balkans, full of spirit, romance, and life. …If only the people of the Balkans, not just the music-makers, would listen to the common threads that are so plainly obvious in their music!”


  • Everyone working on this project over the past 6 months has given their time or materials to make this release possible. These contributions have made it possible to sell the disc in stores for $12 or less while cutting costs to an absolute minimum.
  • Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières, the world’s largest independent emergency medical relief organization, delivers medical aid to victims of war, epidemics, and natural disasters, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed, or political affiliation. Call (888) 392-0392 or write to PO Box 2247, New York, NY 10016-2247 USA. All net profits to Omnium from the sale of this release will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières.
  • The project has raised over $20,000 since its 1999 release.
  • Balkans Without Borders was produced by Zoetek World Radio. (
  • Balkans Without Borders mini-website with additional information