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Various – Shite & Onions Vol. 2


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Shite’n’ and Omnium are back in your face with a second collection of prime Celtic Punk. Following from the success of volume 1, SnO’s John Murphy has compiled a new set of tunes from bands that breathe Guinness and thrash the potatoes.

From across the USA — Boston, Hoboken, Buffalo, Tulsa, Madison, Houston, Austin and the South side of Chicago — to Canada, Australia, England and Germany, this is a 20-track international collection perfect for boozing and bashing. Includes tracks from The Kissers, Three Day Threshold, Blaggards, Jackdaw, The Go Set, Barney Murray (of Blood Or Whiskey), Sharky Doyles and many more. SnOv2 picks the up’n’coming bands in the scene as it evolves — a lot of them are D.I.Y. operations: self produced, self releasing, and hard to find in stores. Until now. Get yerself an earful of the new shite!