Boiled In Lead – Alloy


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Boiling in Lead for fifteen years…hurts like Hell. Nonetheless Boiled In Lead has persevered, playing a unique blend of World traditional musics and noisy American rock.

From their first gig on St. Patrick’s Day 1983 in a Minneapolis punkrock bar, to international touring, clubs, and festivals, BiL have been innovators in  bringing “folk music” kicking and screaming to contemporary rock audiences (and rock music to screaming folk audiences).

This 15-year collection combines selected tracks from their five Omnium releases with previously-unreleased demos, alternate mixes, acoustic performances and live recordings from the band’s various incarnations. Alloy (and its’ limited-edition companion Alloy2) is essential for the experienced Leadhead, and an inviting introduction to the band’s work for the novice Leadhead.