Felonious Bosch – New Dark Ages


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Music for the new dark ages: new music that sparkles, yet with a centuries-old aftertaste. Melodies with an ancient flavor meet dark, original lyrics written and sung by Katy Thomasberg (part of the Lilith Fair tour in the 90s). Her beautiful, dramatic vocals float and roar over a backdrop of bouzouki, fiddles, and flute, backed by a rhythm section that includes members of Boiled in Lead and The Blue Up?.

The songs evoke the twisted imagery of hallucinatory 15th century painter Hieronymus Bosch with stories of shipwrecks, the politics of opiates, drunkenness, the green-eyed monster jealousy, the noble warhorses of the conquering Genghis Bond, with a single ray of LedZep-influenced Sunshine.

Bringing the total in this collection to 13, the disc is enhanced with live video of a new song, Baladi, plus other digital goodness. Felonious Bosch combines multiple strands of music into a single powerful sound. Welcome to the new dark ages.