Felonious Bosch – Toybox (DVD audio)


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Limited-edition DVD Audio edition of this release. Plays at 96/24 in a DVD Audio player, 48/24 in any DVD player. Will not play in a conventional CD player.

Open the Toybox for a dark and pleasant journey; a mysterious mix.

Felonious Bosch is a six-piece band from the Twin Cities. Two women and
four men who’ve all been in a number of different projects over the years…
this band makes a unique and original sound, led by the mesmerizing voice
and enigmatic lyrics of lead singer Katy Thomasberg and nemonic melodies by Scott Nieman. The 12 songs in Toybox range from pastoral to harrowing.

The package was illustrated by the frighteningly wonderful d c ice.

Track list is the same as the regular audio CD version. The DVD-A however includes four extra tracks as MP3s (accessible from your computer).